PrzejdĽ do pełnej wersji tego Forum : Konkurs Francesca & Pierre feat. Lili - My Own Paradise Remix Contest

31-07-2014, 08:36
Hey all,
I want to offer you a remix contest by the hungarian duo Francesca & Pierre and ex X-Factor star Lili Peterffy.

- Your one favorite member from Novation Launch Mini family by Tajti Music
- Release on Sweetbeat Music
Special award: Release on Sweetbeat Music by the labels A&R

- Like Francesca & Pierre (http://www.facebook.com/francescaandpierre), Sweetbeat Music (https://www.facebook.com/SweetbeatMusicOfficial), Tajti Music (https://www.facebook.com/tajtimusic)
- Download the pack from here: http://www.francescaandpierre.com/remixpack_francescaandpierre.zip
- Upload your remix to SoundCloud: Francesca Moreno & Pierre D’Oro – My Own Paradise (Your Own Name Remix)
- Tag: „Francesca & Pierre 2014 remix verseny” If you miss this, we cant find your remix!!
- Upload cover: http://www.francescaandpierre.com/remixcover.jpg
- Earn 50 plays.

Judge’s rating is influenced by likes, listeners, positive comments, tonality and technical solutions.

Deadline: 2014. august 31.