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Adrian N-sk
12-10-2015, 17:25
Ułóż dialog z podanych informacji


You would like to buy a ticket for the 10.45 train . You phone the train station on You explain your request . The person you are talking to says it is impossible , because the 10.45 train was cancelled and she suggest choosing the evening train. You ask about the time departure and about the cost of the ticket. She answered that the train departs 6 p.m. and the ticket cost twice as much the previous one. You think it is expensive, so you resion. You ask about a cheapper option and she reples that there is another train at 1 a.m.

23-10-2015, 21:38
-Hello! I would like to buy a ticket for tomorrows train at 10.45AM
-Hello. I'm sorry but that train is cancelled. I suggest taking the evening train.
-What's the time of the departure?
-And how much does the ticket cost?
-Unfortunately twice as much.
-Oh, that's too expensive. Is there a cheaper option?
-Yes, there is a train for the same price as the cancelled one at 1AM.

Co dalej w dialogu - nie wiadomo. Na przyszlosc - rzuc okiem na tresc dokladnie, masz tam zawarta cala odpowiedz :)