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  Artist...:   Solarstone
  Title....:   ..---
  Label....:   Black Hole Recordings
  Genre....:   Trance
  Quality..:   VBR kbit/ 44,1 kHz
  Source...:   CDDA
  Ripdate..:   Mei-05-2018
  Encoder..:   LAME 3.98.4 (VBR -V0 --vbr-new)
  Tracks...:   08


  01.Solarstone - Midsummer Nights    07:23
  02.Solarstone - Shards              04:42
  03.Solarstone - Thank You           06:47
  04.Solarstone Ft. Thea Riley - I    06:19
  Want You Here
  05.Solarstone - Shield PT. II       07:39
  06.Solarstone Ft. Jonathan          05:51
  Mendelsohn - This Is Where It Starts
  07.Solarstone - Motif               06:35
  08.Solarstone Ft. Meredith Call -   07:55
  Without You

                                      95,7 MB


  The opening months of 2017 brought the
  release of Solarstoneĺs . - - - -
  album. Widely praised as a standalone
  item, its ultimate purpose was (and is)
  yet to be fully clarified. With one
  less dash, but an extra Morse dot, one
  album becomes two next month, and with
  it another sizeable clue to its
  From shocking pink, we go into the
  blue: so whatĺs changed and whatĺs
  maintained between the albums? One
  constant is that Ĺ2ĺ is again made up
  of eight pieces of music, trading
  between instrumental compositions and
  vocal ones. As with all musical series
  worth their salt, continuity and
  balance is key. In regard to its
  overarching feel, Ĺ2ĺ interlocks
  seamlessly with Ĺ1ĺ. That aspect in
  fact goes farther still - threads from
  Solarstoneĺs wider canon are picked up,
  with track arcs continued and open
  single loops resolved.
  The mark of a true artist, Rich
  progresses album matters in many ways,
  while ring-fencing the core elements of
  his musical culture. And yes, the
  ability to surprise and catch the
  listener unawares is still one of them.
  Thematic strands are drawn from
  numerous time periods, influences and
  disciplines - both musical and
  otherwise. Each is woven, with
  differing degrees of presence into the
  albumĺs fabric. Some stand totem tall.
  Others become apparent only over time.
  Each though provides micro-clues to
  what is undoubtedly now an album
  sequence. Tonally, the release also
  pushes the needle into what Rich
  classifies as ôthe second half of a
  Solarstone club nightö. The tempo
  receives a kick, prog-trance elements
  ebb, while uplift ľ both vocally,
  musically and spiritually ľ flows.
  The album opens on the promise of
  ĹMidsummer Nightsĺ. Over nigh-on eight
  minutes, hovering piano notes, rich
  pulsating bass and reflective guitars
  brilliantly set the album in motion.
  Musically, lyrically and vocally, Rich
  hits an introspective note on its
  second track, ĹShardsĺ. Backed by his
  classical instrumentation, he reaches
  deep within. With its love redemption
  theme, it constitutes a record as
  personal as anyone from his quarter has
  ĹPleaseĺ, from 2012ĺs ĹPureĺ album was
  always projected to be one of
  Solarstoneĺs multipart track arcs.
  ĹBrighter days aheadĺ in feel,
  forthright in pace and spurred by
  tactical, yet innate key shifts, it was
  composed as a final tribute to Richĺs
  late father. Loosely based around
  Handelĺs ĹLargoĺ ľ a composition with
  which they shared a considerable mutual
  appreciation, ĹThank Youĺ retains all
  the emotion and uplift of its six-
  year-old counterpart. Between its
  vulnerable lyrics and impassioned,
  resolute delivery, Thea Riley walks a
  tightrope-like balance on ĹI Want You
  Hereĺ. Emotionally laying it on the
  line, Rich musically reflects each
  twist of its song through his studio
  work. As the album shifts into its
  second phase, another Solarstone outing
  receives its sequel. The second coming
  of ĹShieldĺ, Rich once again delves
  into his string section for Ĺ(Pt II)ĺ.
  Finding that infinite equilibrium
  between acoustic guitars and other
  string family associates, he frames
  them around an initially filmic intro
  and latterly, surging, FX-flush trance.
  Jonathan Mendelsohnĺs history in
  vocal-ling tracks from the electronic
  music quarter is almost as extensive as
  that of Solarstoneĺs in producing them.
  Together on ĹThis Is Where It Startsĺ,
  the two have conspired a track so
  instantly memorable, itĺs an instant
  Ĺone more tuneĺů anthem candidate.
  Thereĺs only one of the albumĺs number
  that can lay claim to its Ĺmost epicĺ
  tag though and thatĺs ĹMotifĺ. Big of
  riff, bold of pace & bass, it builds
  without pause over 5 minutes to deliver
  a drop thatĺll leave clubber gasping
  and floor reeling. Extraordinarily
  perhaps, the albumĺs valedictory track
  has been in production development for
  20 years. Beginning life many a Solar
  cycle ago, ĹWithout Youĺ has gone
  through more honing and refinements,
  than even he can recall. Its critical
  tipping point though came through
  Meredith Callĺs song - an exceptional
  tour de force deliverance that ľ backed
  by Solarstoneĺs breaks - is achingly
  painful in its beauty.
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